ICO Sofa gives you inside knowledge about all the hottest ICOs, direct from the people behind them.

When we started ICO sofa, we wanted to give everyone interested in cryptos, ICOs, ITOs and the blockchain a fantastic platform to engage with each other on.

Our goal is to give investors, marketers, owners, journalists and everyone else direct access to the people behind the latest and most exciting offerings in crypto. We hope you enjoy it!

The People Behind ICO Sofa

Peter Kristensen


Peter has an accumulated financial markets experience of over 30 years as a Fund and ICO Advisor

Peter’s capital markets background sets him apart from many other fund services executives, with a bias towards solution finding, his experience is key in helping investment managers find the right balance of trading counterparts and technology, Liquidity, hedging and banking facilities for ICO/Crypto companies 

This expertise has made him a highly sought-after advisor for Blockchain solutions and ICO’s. He is currently an active advisor for ModexX8 CurrencyCovestingHowdoo, and several other startup companies.

Adam Hill


Adam is a marketing + experience + tech hybrid who helps companies from New York to Hong Kong create customer experiences that drive sales and build loyalty.

With this depth of experience and a rare combination of technical knowledge, marketing insight with customer experience optimsation techniques, Adam has the expertise to drive growth and increase client engagement.

Adam brings 25 years’ experience in marketing, tech and customer engagement, and continues to bring his own brand of results-driven solutions to market for such companies as One Social NetworkBupaMaerskMarex Spectron, and many new start ups in the cryptosphere.

Pedro Borges


With more than 20 years’ experience at senior management level within the financial industry, Pedro has also developed a deep knowledge about the crypto world and blockchain technology in particular. Being an entrepreneur, he owns Aprender Sobre Bitcoin, a very popular blog that provides a valuable contribution to the Portuguese-speaking crypto communities around the world.

Pedro has an international professional experience background in different countries such as Portugal, Spain, UK, Denmark and Brazil.

Pedro has been located in São Paulo, Brazil since 2013, where he moved to head the representative office of Saxo Bank in the country. He left the bank in February 2017 for a more dedicated role in the Blockchain industry as an entrepreneur, investor and educator, helping institutions and individuals within this exciting emerging industry.