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The cryptosphere has many players: from owners to the media, legal experts to smart contract developers, marketers and investors. But how do you find out which projects are likely to succeed? Who are the truly qualified experts, and where you should invest your time and money for the best returns?

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A Community of Cryptoheads

With ICOsofa we are building a community of cryptoheads to exchange ideas, discuss projects, find partners and raise investments. We are building an open forum which, in time, will allow you to:

Build your own crypto network

Find real experts verified by the community

Discover new investment opportunities

Monitor the progress of crypto projects

Get the answers you seek from the people behind each project

Find media professionals essential for your exposure

Learn and develop your crypto knowledge through live webinars

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Video Profiles

Get the latest insights and developments on crypto projects via video to watch and learn when it suits you.

Every ICO comes with a number of videos that explain the project in detail, the investment opportunities, the team behind each project, useful links to white-papers, token sales and live webinars being held by the people driving each project.

Live Webinars

Discover new projects or grab your chance to quiz the team about any aspect of their ICO/ITO via webinar. Each webinar is different, but you can expect to see some or all of these features in most webinars:

Time-Sensitive Offers

Discounted Token Sales

Interactive Discussions

Fast-Paced Q&As

Instant Polls & Surveys

Multiple Presenters

All streamed to any compatible device wherever you are, in full HD quality!

Email Updates

Staying up to date on the world of crypto shouldn’t be difficult. Our email service makes sure it isn’t.

When you sign up, you can choose what kind of updates you want to receive and from whom. We promise we won’t spam you, but we’ve made sure we are GDPR compliant to give you full control over the emails you get from us and our partners.

Typically, we only send out updates when there is a new project which we think you’d be interested in hearing about, but occasionally we’ll also send you offers from ICOs who are ready to reward your interest with tokens.

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