Engage with Serious Investors & Crypto Enthusiasts

Video delivers the power to engage with investors, journalists, marketing experts and fans fast and in person.


Video has the power to break the screen and create meaningful connections with investors and the media.

Videos and Webinars help you find investors, marketers and media specialist, and engage with them quickly and personally to answer their questions, address their concerns and turn potential interest into rewarding action.

Post ICO

When the funds are in, video is the most effective way to communicate your progress to all stakeholders.

Investors and other stakeholders want regular updates from you on key milestones, financial performance and upcoming developments. With Videos and Webinars, you have the tools to keep everyone up to date.

List Your ICO

The Joy of Listing

When you list your project on ICOsofa, you reach the right people.

Video Profiling

Your project gets right in front of crypto enthusiasts, investors, marketers and advisors. Plus, every new video you add brings fresh visitors from multiple social media channels.

Build Awareness

Video audiences remember 95% of what they see, compared to just 10% of what they read.

Qualified Interest

Video marketers generate 66% more qualified leads than any other marketing channel.

Faster Investments

Marketers who use video grow their revenues 49% faster than those who don’t.

Email Campaigns

Email is still one of the most effective ways to market, in fact for every dollar spent, the average return is $38.

Reach 1,000,000+ Profiles

With ICOsofa you can reach 1,000,000+ investors, traders and the crypto curious when you need them most.

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Get Engagement

A highly engaged email list is one of your primary marketing assets, and is an integral part of any pre- or post-ICO marketing strategy.

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Engaging Webinars

Engage with motivated audiences in person, and in real time.

Investors and everyone else is more likely to trust a project when they can see and directly communicate with the team behind it.

When you put your team directly in front of influencers and investors via webinars, you give your ICO a face, a personality to help you establish credibility in minutes.

Up to 40 percent of webinar attendees become qualified leads.

Not only that, but they can also establish your authority as an expert in your respective niche.

Keep them Informed

Use webinars frequently to inform people who you are, how you’re progressing and why they should invest in your project.

Do this and you will create a powerful dialogue on the value that your firm is offering.

Ultra High Definition Streaming

Secure webinar rooms with password protection

Built-in virtual whiteboard, polls & live chat

Customize your pages for full brand consistency

Inject pre-recorded video for perfect presentations

Automatically record every webinar

Update your audience before & after each webinar automatically

Boost investor insights with advanced analytics and tracking tools

Webinars – Done for You

We’ll set up the registration and confirmation pages for every webinar you run with us, as well as all of the auto-responder emails that you need to go out to users (for example, to those who saw the whole webinar, those who registered but didn’t attend, those who attended but left halfway through).

In truth there is an amazing number of ways we can help you capitalise on webinars, such as conducting live polls, product availability countdowns, trackable download links and a whole bunch of analytical data. Get in touch, and we can help create the perfect webinar strategy for your company.

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Social Connections

Get your messages seen by more people, in more places. Our social media outreach options will help generate buzz just when you need it.

ICOsofa has a number of partnerships in place which give us an immediate reach into approximately 1,000,000+ active traders, currency investors, crypto traders and enthusiasts.

But we will also get your messages (each new video or webinar) posted out to our wider network of crypto communities, legal experts, marketers, hedge funds, influencers and banking connections via key social channels – all part of the service!

Power Up Your ICO Marketing

Claim your place on the sofa today and take advantage of the most powerful tools and qualified connections to drive the success of your ICO.

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