Webinars Work

Webinars add credibility to every project. They give you a face for investors to see and engage with.

Webinars should be key part of all pre- and post-ICO marketing strategies. They allow you to present your messages and engage investors at every key stage of your project. 

Use webinars frequently to inform people who you are, how you’re progressing and why they should invest in your project. Do this and you will create a powerful dialogue on the value that your firm is offering.

Get Your Webinar On

Webinar Highlights

High Definition Streaming

Secure webinar rooms with password protection

Engage with a virtual whiteboard, polls and live chat

Customize your pages for full brand consistency

Inject pre-recorded video for perfect presentations

Automatically record every webinar

Automated messages to your audience before and after each webinar

Boost investor insights with advanced analytics and tracking tools

Get Your Webinar On

Put Everyone Centre Stage

Add up to 6 co-presenters for even more awesome webinars with:

Live Chat

Send Private Messages

Launch instant Q&A sessions

Highlight comments as they’re made

Give individual audience members a voice in one click

Moderate & Ban as you go

Express Webinars

We’ll set up your registration and confirmation pages and your auto-responder emails with you. Plus, we’ll help you decide what other tools you’ll want to use, get them ready before we invite our database to join you, and give you a link so you can invite yours too!

Get Your Webinar On

Actionable Offers

To inspire the most transactions, the most sales, the most conversions, you need the best tools. Here they are:

Buy Now

Show visually captivating offers from within your webinar at the precise moment you want your attendees to take action.

Countdown Timer

Nothing boosts sales like the ticking countdown of an offer clock. As time and sales go by, the counters update automatically every ticking second to show the time and quantity available in real time.

Limited Units

If you need to limit the number of available units of your product, you can. As the number of available units disappears, people’s desire to not miss out can drive even greater sales when there is a limited supply!

Other Amazing Webinar Features

Live Newsroom

Add sparkle to your webinars by adding pre-loaded videos and/or presentation slides for a true newsroom effect. Once you’ve chosen the videos or slides, you can broadcast them to your attendees with one click, as part of your live webinar.

Whiteboard your Ideas

Sometimes you just need to add a personal touch to your webinars by highlighting key points or writing annotations on the screen as you go. With our white-boarding tool, this can be done in seconds from the main dashboard.

Reliable Feedback

During your webinar, you want first-hand data in real time from polls or surveys. Ask leading questions, dig into your attendees’ experience and skill levels. Discover what they want and show them how your project overcomes their objections – one by one.

Add FAQs As You Go

Stop answering the same question over and over again. Now you can post highlighted common questions and answers so they’re visible for all to see.

Social Proof

By placing a little tracking code on your checkout “Thank You Page” every time someone from your webinar makes a purchase, it is automatically and immediately displayed to your entire audience. This takes ‘Social Proof’ to an immediate, tangible level.

Works Everywhere

Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, your webinar can be seen on just about any modern browser you can imagine, from Chrome to Firefox, Safari to Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Get Your Webinar On

Go Live in 3 Steps

We’ll help you get everything ready with fantastic registration pages and automated emails to keep everyone warmed up and informed before you begin. And when it’s over, we can help you automate communication with everyone who registered.

1. Customised Registration Pages

With customisable registration pages you get powerful, mobile-friendly registration pages built and tailored to your needs, every time.

2. Built-In Autoresponders

Welcome registrants before they even see you. Send email updates with links to downloadable your best marketing material, FAQs, or investment criteria – all pre-scheduled and specifically timed.

3. Marketing Your Webinar

We will market your webinar to our database of subscribers via email and we’ll add notifications to icosofa.com to maximise attention and drive registrations*!

*Only those people that have registered will be given the login link and password to attend your webinar.

Follow Up With Everyone

ICOsofa catalogs nearly every action your webinar registrants and attendees perform, so you can follow-up more effectively based on their individual actions:

If they register to the webinar, then send them…

If they attend or miss the webinar, then send…

If they leave before HH:MM:SS, then send…

If they buy your product, then…celebrate!

Performance Analytics

Get the lowdown on the number of Visitors, Registrations, Attendees, Replays watched and more – plus you’ll get the contact details of all attendees, so you can continue your sales efforts*.

*Requires active opt-in.

Webinar Attendees
Replays Watched

Get Your Webinar On